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sdrcow / Satch Sullivan
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States

Greetings! :iconiloveitmoreplz:It's been just awhile since I updated my page, thought I'd go ahead and edit some things here and there. Most people know me as sdrcow (Es-Dee-Are Cow) or Satch Sullivan. I'm an ABJD collector, amature photographer, and well-rounded nerd. Obviously if you haven't noticed, I'm a fan of still life.
I'm currently shooting with a Canon Rebel XS or my Canon Rebel T5i.

Also, anyone interested in using my photos, please contact me first, I'll most likely allow use of them as long as you use them with a credit back to me, but it's much nicer to have someone ask first. Thank You.

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sdrcow's chatroom on dA

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Latest YouTube Video :iconiloveitplz:

Current Residence: Arkansas
Favourite genre of music: Everything But Country
Favourite style of art: All of it -Art is my fave Art.
Operating System: Windows 7 x84
MP3 player of choice: Zune
Skin of choice: Green
Favourite cartoon character: Wonder Woman
Personal Quote: Build them high, not to keep them out, But to see who comes over.

Oi... BJD Confessions.

Journal Entry: Wed May 20, 2015, 10:50 AM
Your Title - version 2.0


Disclaimer: I'd send a PM but... ya know... Anon and all. Joy.

Aight. Nipping this shit in the bud right now.

As I'm doing my daily play online I come across a nice little BJD confessional...

"It really upsets me that people such as sdrcow are saying that KyoyaxL (pindakees/Kim) was justified in the way she’s acting. Saying it should have been kept to PMs when soenatte really tried to keep it to emails but was being ignored. Saying the buyer was acting out of line and “that’s why I hate selling cause of buyers like this”. I mean seriously? The buyer has been nothing but perfect in this transaction. It’s sellers like her that make me wary of buying!

~Anonymous" Anon... so classy.

[It goes on to say some other things grouping myself into a general category of sheep, blindly following my "idol" just for the sake of them being popular.]

I just want to say that I try really hard to stay non-bias and open minded when it comes to issues in the BJD Community. I've not always been so good at it... but I do try. BUT~ My name is on something so here I go. Ha...

People. I get it. You've got friends in this hobby that you hold dear - you want to jump to their aid when you feel they are threatened. That's cool. That's what your friends are for.
Don't just assume and make accusations just to try to justify your friends side of the story or place blame because you need a target for those feels we call emotions.

I'm really not upset over this - it's more of a community lesson and me trying to clarify for anyone worried that I jump on bandwagons.
The original poster wants to assume that I am backing Pindakees and that I think they are justified in their actions.

My comment was...

"I can't fully take your side as I'm not involved - but I will fully agree with you that it should have all been kept in PMs and efforts should have been made to made contact with you via a site that is easier to communicate for both parties."

I'm sorry...
At what point was I saying that I'm backing them? The only statement in the entire comment is that I agree with things being kept private. Which is someone we should all strive to do - going public doesn't help your cause - it just gets you attention (or when your fighting Anons).

My second comment...

"Blah, it's not your fault at all... finding buyers can be a long and annoying process, so when you finally find one I don't blame ANYONE for wanting to sell to them. Just stinks it wasn't a smoother transaction and it ended up so bad. Hug"

Now this, I can see being taken the wrong way. Especially if Anon was far too lazy to actually read what they were posting about. Here, I was told that Pindakees basically jumped to sell really fast without much thought on who they were selling to. That's all this comment was about. Jumping to sell quick has nothing against the buyer in this entire situation so I'm not sure how they found this offensive... (Probably TLDR) - Overall I'd send that message to ANYONE. Selling a doll can be such a bitch.

My original contact with Pindakees wasn't to take sides (No offense but it's not my fight) and it's not to take sides with whoever else this originally involves. Because really - it's not my fight and I don't care.
 My intent for posting on Pindakees journal was only to support someone having a hard time in the community in a non-bias way. My post was basically "Dang that sucks - hey we all have bad days hope it gets better" not "Omg you poor baby let me defend you because the other person is obviously wrong."

 Don't act like you've never seen it - the community can be really hard at times, sometimes having that friendly comment can go a long way. It's an odd hobby, I'd like to keep people in it - not push them out.

Message to the public: My opinion on the original problem - it's a huge he-said-she-said civil matter. I've no intention or interest in picking sides. I wasn't part of the e-mail nor was I of the transaction. I don't mind lending an ear to anyone in need (your best thing is to get someone non-bias so props for anyone that does that) but I rarely take sides in fights online or in real life. #truth

Message to Anon:

Two things:
First - I get you're upset for your friend - that's cool of you to kinda-support them (as much as a nameless entity can)... however
your confession was filled with a lot of name-calling and one-sided opinions. I get that Pindakees isn't your favorite person, but that doesn't justify throwing around rude comments and generally attacking her. Pindakees  I'm really sorry for Anon's name-calling - that I WILL back you and anyone else in this situation 100% - shouldn't have happened. Fackin' Rude!
Second - If you're going to post things that include my name I'd first like you to get your facts straight. Don't just go throwing me around acting like you know my opinions and grouping me into a set of people that I have no part of. I'm fine with you posting your views that might not line up with mine, you're entitled to it but make sure you are getting accurate information when posting about me. If you have any further questions feel free to send me a message so I can enlighten you on anything you might need.

And to Pindakees and the other person - I'm sorry this entire event has spread into public posts - hopefully it will die down.

Sorry for the long post - please use this as a reminder to treat a fight with an open mind. The hobby has this toxic side - try not to feed into it!


Star! YouTube Star! Twitter Star! Flickr Star! Tumblr Star! facebook Star! Instagram Star! Steam Star!

P.S. I'm not the best at expressing my opinions with words nor am I an English major (Thank you for spellcheck), so if some of this was hard to follow I'm sorry.


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You should go see Mad Max: Fury Road. It makes me question what I've done with my life and why I'm not making movies like that...
KatieDickson Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thankies for all the faves too, dear!!!!!
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:) :) :)
Lomari Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Are you going to Sakuracon this year?
sdrcow Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
I'd like to, however I'm not sure if it's in the planning, I know I'll be attending next year for sure. :/ 
sdrcow Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
Ahahah I will say I do miss our conversations my Knibbi  :) 
anyascreations100 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2015
Have u already sold the bjd Natalie? (Sorry for my bad English)
sdrcow Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
No - I've decided to keep her for awhile longer :-) 
StarDustBunnySRB Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2015
Ok now I'm watching you lol ( that didn't sound creepy at all)
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